‘…lovely, quirky gem of a hotel – friendly staff,  good price, good food and real ales.’

Essential Information

Late exit and/or entry to the hotel

For guests’ safety, the outer doors of the hotel are locked from 11pm. Guests can come and go as they please, but are asked to close the front doors behind them. We would ask that all guests be considerate of others when moving around the hotel. If you are going out for the evening, please ensure you take your room keys with you.

If you are unable to gain entry to the hotel, please lift the phone by the front door and speak to our night porter.

Emergency services

Should you require the services of a doctor or ambulance please phone down to reception.

When out of hours, reception is diverted to the on-call night porter.

For your information, the ‘Out of Hours’ doctor’s number is 111.

Hotel damage

We must also bring to your attention, that if hotel property is damaged as a result of irresponsible behaviour then the hotel will seek redress from those responsible.

Fire safety

Guests are asked to familiarise themselves with the location of the nearest fire exit and alternative routes out of the hotel. If the fire alarm sounds, make your way quietly out of the hotel through an available exit. DO NOT stop to collect any belongings.

Fire Assembly Points are situated in the car park at the back of the hotel and behind the Town Hall in front of the hotel.

If you discover a fire, raise the alarm at one of the fire alarm call points as you exit the building.

Only re-enter the building if the fire officer says it is safe to do so.

Please Note: The alarm system is tested between 11 and 11.30am on Thursdays. Unless told otherwise, please ignore this alarm.

Eating and drinking


Our bar is open daily from 12.00pm and serves a wide selection of wines and spirits, including many whiskies and gins. We also have on offer a selection of lagers and ciders as well as our continuing range of Monty’s Bitter and an ever-changing choice of guest ales to suit all tastes.

Restaurant / Bistro

Our team will always try to cater for all of your gastronomic needs during your stay with us. There are sample menus on the board in the bar. It is always advisable to book. If you have any specific needs or allergies, please let us know.


Breakfast is served in our restaurant between 8.00am and 9.30am.

Lunch and Dinner

Our restaurant and bar are open daily for lunch and dinner.

Food is served from 12.00pm to 2.00pm and then again from 6.00pm to 8.30pm.

Packed Lunches

We can supply packed lunches, on request at a cost of £5.95. They would ordinarily consist of:

Sandwich of choice from (Ham & Tomato, Cheese & Tomato, Tuna & Mayonnaise), Biscuits, Crisps or chocolate, Bottle of water

Please pre-book these with reception.

room information

Smoking / Vaping

(please also refer to your Registration Document)

Please be aware that there is strictly no smoking/vaping anywhere inside the building. There will be a £100 charge to cover laundry replacement and deep cleaning of any furnishings if anyone is found to have been smoking in the building.

Guests may smoke outdoors if they wish. However, we ask guests to please be considerate of other guests in the rooms above if you are out late at night.

Please use the bins and trays provided at the front and rear of the building.

Check out times

Check out is strictly by 10.15am latest unless changed by prior appointment with the hotel.

Room Keys

Please ensure that you leave your room key when you finally check out, as the keys are part of a special set, unique to the Dragon Hotel, Montgomery. This means that key blanks are not available and cannot be duplicated other than via the manufacturer under a special order.

If the room key is not returned at the time of checking out, or lost, the replacement key is very expensive and takes some time to obtain. It therefore follows that we ask that you take care of your key and return it to the hotel reception when checking out. We regret that we will have to charge for lost keys.

Dogs / pets

We do accommodate dogs in the hotel, but not in all bedrooms and not the dining room.  Pets must be kept on a lead.

We charge £10 per dog, per night, or £15 if there are two dogs. We allow only two dogs maximum per room.

We ask that you please bring your own dog bedding/cages and only use dry type dog food in the bedrooms.

We advise that the pet owner/guardian may be responsible for any additional costs for deep-cleaning, repair and replacement of damaged facilities should these be required.


If you are staying for more than one night, please place any towels you wish to have changed in the bath.


Our old building is not always ideal for modern plumbing and water pressure can at times be restricted, especially when large groups arrive and use showers and baths at the same time. We are working to improve the overall system and hope that it doesn’t inconvenience your stay too much. However, if there does prove to be a problem, you are welcome to use the showers in our swimming pool as an alternative. These are new and on a separate system. Please ask at reception for the pool key, and if required, additional towels.


The telephone in the bedroom is for contacting reception and, if necessary, calling the emergency services.

To call reception dial 0

To call emergency services, dial 9 followed by 999. For the purposes of directing any services called, our location is Market Square, Montgomery SY15 6RA.

If your room does not have a phone, the nearest emergency phone is situated at reception.


Our televisions receive all Freeview channels that are broadcast in this area. You will find a remote control in your room. As a rule, we leave our televisions OFF, rather than on Standby, so please check that the television is switched ON before use. The on switch can be found on either the top, side or back of the TV. A red light should appear on the front of the television when on Standby.

If you wish to listen to the radio channels, press the ‘index’ button (and again to return to TV channels).

We would ask that you please be mindful of the volume of your television late on in the evenings as other guests may be trying to sleep.


There are a number of local taxi firms. However, none of these are based in Montgomery, so booking is always advisable. Please see list below of our local taxi firms. Please don’t hesitate to ask at reception should you require any more assistance.

Amber Cabs Welshpool
01938 556611

Castle Cabs Welshpool
01938 555343

Manafon Welshpool
07377 585095

Silver Service Taxis Welshpool
01938 552277

Stonebridge Taxis Welshpool
01938 555119

Wrights Taxis Welshpool
01938 552531

Cash Points

Cash points are situated at the following establishments:

Post Office: in Ivy House Café (open seven days a week)

Spar Shop: There will be a charge to use this cash point facility (open seven days a week)

Abermule Private Hire Newtown
01686 670973

Ahmed’s Cabs Newtown
07749 642197

Aj Taxis Newtown
07712 415241

Cars Midwales Ltd Newtown
01686 621818

Daves Taxi Newtown
07564 391186

Kev Evans Luxury Newtown
07449 928000

Kimz Taxi Newtown
07764 754449

My Taxi Newtown
07920 064174

Newtown Taxis Newtown
07976 956917

Ross Cabs Newtown
07776 375342

Further information

Appendix: Personal data protection

The law relating to data protection is changing on 25th May 2018 when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. It is a new piece of EU legislation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) that will replace the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be in force in the UK until the UK leaves the EU. A new Data Protection Act (DPA), currently going through Parliament, will apply post Brexit.

Under the GDPR, organisations are required to provide individuals with information about the use and processing of their personal data.


We are providing this notice because we collect and handle some of your personal data. This includes your name, email address, other contact information such as residential addresses or social media identifiers, phone numbers and on occasion, bank details and photographs. In other words, it covers information about you that is capable of identifying you.

Under the GDPR we are ‘data controllers’ of your information. We are called ‘controllers’ because we make decisions about how your data is used – for example to prepare appropriate marketing materials – and we also ‘process’ your data when we carry out basic activities like hotel reservations, dinner reservations, card transactions etc.

We have an obligation to protect the information you give us, and we always take care when using and processing it.

Where you provide such information that is not in the public domain, we will ensure we have your clear consent before using it.


We collect data from you when creating a hotel reservation, make a payment transaction, receive emails, phone calls and when booking or commenting on our hotel services.

We also receive information from third-party booking systems.

We use this information to carry out our contractual obligations with regard to the services requested. We may also use it, with your consent, to promote special offers or services of the hotel to you.

Your information is used in pursuance of our legitimate business interests in relation to the rights you grant us. It enables us to operate a safe and lawful business and include our accounting and financial, taxation, legal or auditing obligations.

These activities do not override or diminish your rights.

Sometimes we receive and use information about you from other sources such as external booking agencies. Where this information qualifies as your personal data, it will be treated in the same way as the information we collect directly from you.


We take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your personal data remains secure. We have adequate procedures to avoid data security breaches and to protect your data from accidental or unlawful disclosure, damage, destruction or loss.

Your information is processed within the Dragon Hotel for internal management reports and accounting.


We will keep your personal data in accordance with our legal obligations. Reliable third parties operating under our instruction, for example external booking agencies, may have access to your information for the purposes of processing your data on our behalf as explained above. Where this happens, we will require these third parties to keep your information confidential and comply with applicable data protection laws. Except for that, in our role as data controller of your personal data, we will not share your information with any third-party data controllers without your consent.


CCTV images are remotely stored and monitored for health and safety and crime prevention. Records are kept securely for a period of one month and access is strictly controlled in accordance with ICO Privacy Codes of Practice.


GDPR is about protecting individuals and their rights in respect of their personal information. It is designed to ensure that an individual can maintain control over their information.

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